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The Force - CD Album

£10 Incl. P&P

1     The Force
2     Masquerade
3     Made In Japan
4     Turn It Up
5     No No Nop
6     Where Do We Go From Here?
7     Jealousy
8     Heaven
9     My Little Fantasy
10   Copy
11   Llifeline
12   Keep Away
13   Lily
14   Carousel

These are the original un-remixed recordings complete with
classic synthesiser sounds, raw recording techniques,
off the wall lyrics, melodies and inimitable nancy nova vocals.
They have been digitised, eq'd and compressed,
in a word, re-mastered, for this album.

© 2004 fx records

Nancy Sings Jazz - CD Album

£10 Incl. P&P

1     So In Love
2     Big Orange Thing
3     Fever
4     Boys Wearing Glasses
5     Stormy Weather
6     Italian Man
7     The Lady Is A Tramp
8     Jealousy
9     Just Before
10    Let's Dance
11    Have Fun
12    Crazy Situation
13    Change Of Heart
14    No Logic In Love
15    I Think It's Love

Nancy Nova is a prolific and excellent songwriter as well as
a performer and recording artist with a very distinctive voice.

It seemed appropriate therefore that she should record a jazz album; this is it.

It includes only four jazz standards; the other songs are self-penned.

© 2005 fx records

Super Nova - CD Album

£10 Incl. P&P

1     The Force
2     Copy
3     Light A Light
4     Made In Japan
5     Heaven
6     Deeper Water
7     Lily
8     Jelly In My Bones
9     Lifeline
10    Circle
11    Big Orange Thing
12    Feel You
13    Masquerade
14    The Force Megamix

This compilation consists of songs carefully chosen
from the downloadable albums which have not previously been available on CD.

© 2010 fx records

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